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Company profile

The CHARVÁT Group s.r.o established in January 2006 and is based in Zbraslavice. The company has subsidiaries in the Slovak Republic, Croatia and Ukraine and in total employs 175 staff with a yearly turnover of around 25 million Euros.

The CHARVÁT Group s.r.o operates in two areas of business. The first is the hydraulic industry where the company holds control of the production and sales of hydraulic components in the Central European market place.

The CHARVÁT Group s.r.o is a qualified supplier in these five basic areas:

  • hydraulic cylinder manufacturing
  • hydraulic hose assembling
  • pipe banding production
  • supplier of a comprehensive assortment of hydraulic components – fittings, hydraulic quick couplings, pressure gauges etc
  • supplier of technical solutions (know-how)

The second activity is industrial fluids. Charvát Group s.r.o. has exceptional experience acquired while selling products from renowned manufacturers.

The combination of different sources of information from the world market machining and forming fluid leaders gives us inner confidence that we offer comparable, first-class products under our own CHARVÁT oil brand.

CHARVÁT Group s.r.o.
Zbraslavice 394
285 21 Zbraslavice
Czech Republic

ID: 27407667
VAT ID: CZ27407667

Phone No: +420 327 591 112
GSM: +420 606 646 415
Fax: +420 327 591 429



CHARVÁT Group s.r.o.
Zbraslavice 394
285 21 Zbraslavice
Czech Republic