CHARVÁT Group s.r.o.

Industrial Fluids

Industrial Fluids


  • Water-Miscible Coolant Cutting Fluids
  • Machining Oils
  • Oils for Pressing and Forming
  • Preservatives
  • Degreasers
  • Release Agents for Heavy Pressing
  • Release Agents for Die Casting
  • Less Flammable Hydraulic Fluids
  • Operational-and-Technical Lubricants
  • Equipment and Lubricant Maintenance Instruments

Service Activities

  • Supply of fluids
  • management and maintenance of cutting fluids
  • Machining tool cleaning

ŠKODA Auto a.s.

CHARVAT Group s.r.o. – Total Fluid Management service for ŠKODA Auto a.s.

CHARVAT Group s.r.o. won the tender in 2019 for total fluid management services for SKODA Auto a.s. Mlada Boleslav to cover a four year period (2020 – 2023). The scope of the services involved is the largest project in the Czech Republic.

This project includes delivery of all process lubricants and coolants along with any services relating to their warehousing management, refilling, condition monitoring and waste management.
Chemical laboratory operation on the plant premises of SKODA Auto a.s. is also part of the service that the Charvat Group provides. The wide range of services is provided by 37 employees.

Sophisticated software is implemented to monitor refilling of lubricants and coolants online and to provide consumption analysis. After one year of operating the total fluid management for our biggest customer in the Czech Republic, we have gained invaluable experience that we will also be able to use in other projects.


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