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Hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders

The production of hydraulic cylinders was our answer to client requirements to provide complex deliveries from one point. Hydraulic cylinder parts are produced on new, productive machines.

Hydraulic cylinders are one of the components of the hydrostatic system, where energy is distributed in a closed circuit with the power of pressurized fluid. Hydraulic cylinders convert pressurized fluid energy into mechanical energy (linear mechanical force into linear movement).

We design and produce hydraulic cylinders according to customer´s requirements.

Single acting cylinders

Double acting cylinders

  • Extension (mechanical stress-pressure and buckling)
  • Retraction (mechanical stress-tension and buckling)

Double rod cylinders

  • Frequently used as steering cylinders
  • Piston rod mechanical stress in tension both ways and not buckling

Tandem cylinders

  • Connection of two cylinders where movement of one cylinder rules movement of the second one
  • For double strokes – up to 8 000 mm

Telescopic cylinders – Single/Double acting

  • For long strokes with small closed centre dimension
  • Single acting cylinders with sequentual (step-by-step) extension
  • Double acting cylinders with even synchronised extension of stages

Hydraulic cylinders screwed (ex. per ISO 6022)

  • Hydraulic cylinders for harsh conditions
  • Easy to service and part changing due to modular system

Cylinders featuring integrated hydraulic components

  • End position cushioning
  • Check valves
  • Load control valves
  • Speed limiters
  • Piston head position control


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