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Industrial hoses

Industrial hoses

The use of industrial hoses are almost unlimited. Therefore, within the catalogue you can only find a general range mainly from the producer SEMPERIT.

The right choice of hose

In order to guarantee peak performance of the hose, it should be selected according to specific conditions. The following information should help you to choose the right hose (please also state the use when making an enquiry):

Medium (carried substance)

  • Compounds (e.g. oils, gases and fuels)
  • Concentrations (chemicals)
  • Temperature of carried substance (maximum, minimum)


  • Pressure load (maximum working pressure)
  • Suction (maximum low pressure)

External influences

  • Temperature
  • Atmospheric influences
  • Contact with oil, fatty substances, seawater or other toxic liquids
  • Strong mechanical abrasion (hose sliding on abrasive surfaces, stones, edges etc)

Hose dimensions

  • Internal diameter (DN)
  • External diameter or wall thickness
  • Bending radius

We supply industrial hoses for the following uses

  • food quality hoses
  • abrasive hoses – shot blast hose, concrete pump hose, dredging hose, silo hose, grout and plaster hose
  • hoses for steam and hot water
  • hoses for vehicles – break hose, radiator hose, fuel hose, exhaust hose
  • hoses for water and air
  • hoses for chemicals
  • hoses for gas
  • hoses for sticking out
  • special models
  • low pressure couplings and accessories

If you can’t find a suitable hose in the catalogue, please contact us and we will help you.

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